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Nilanjan Mukherjee

I work in the Meshing & Geometry Abstraction group (Digital Simulation Solutions) @ SIEMENS PLM Software in Cincinnati, OH. The main area of my activity today spans finite element mesh generation techniques like surface and solid mesh generation, geometry idealization for meshing, meshing on tessellated geometry, parametric meshing, tetrahedral meshing process engineering, hexahedral-to- tetrahedral interface development, transfinite meshing and sweep mesh generation etc.

A glimpse of my mesh generation work is listed below:


US20100226589/System, method, and computer program product for smoothing Sep, 2010.

International Publication:

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Served as Journal Reviewer for

International Meshing Roundtable Conference Proceedings

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering

Engineering with Computers

International Journal of CAD/CAM

J. Indian Society of Theoritical & Applied Mechanics

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