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Rajarshi Banerjee

Rajarshi, hated by an old pal for being "Anjanbabu's favourite" , is now a Calcutta based successful businessman , in permanent love with nature and all beautiful things that life offers. Fighting to save whatever is left of our forests and its mute denizens.

Years in SPHS : 1969 to 1983

Education : B.Com from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta - 1985 ACA from The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales - 1990

Current Address : Flat 1B, 54/2 Hindusthan Park, Calcutta 700 029, India

Phone : +91 33 351 0916 (O); +91 33 464 5984/0170 (R)

EMail :

Pesha : Business - Exports of Frozen Foods and Software

Nesha : Nature; Wildlife Protection; Wildlife Photography; Driving 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles on wild and rugged terrain in remote corners of India; Long Aadda; Music

Spouse's Name : Gopa(nee Ganguly) - also of our SPHS Batch

Name of Child : Yet to land!

What do you like most about SPHS :

On a serious chord : SPHS helped to develop and sustain analytical skills and the ability to cope with exacting schedules. Good educational standards. Also, schoolmates can be found virtually anywhere in the world. On a 'more serious' chord : Turned many of us into great connoisseurs of exquisite women .........a delightful and lasting skill.

What do you hate most about SPHS :

On a serious chord : Practically non-existent extra-curricular activities. And, Ashu Babu, for his unnecessary rude behaviour with guardians and politics. On a 'more serious' chord : Holding seperate NCC trips, Karate classes and PT classes for girls. We would have loved to attend those!