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Rik's tired. Santa Barbara, CA, April 1998.

Saki and Rik in front of Caesar's Palace, our hotel in Las Vegas.
Planet Hollywood in the background.
Las Vegas, 1997.

Saki at a reception, Calcutta, 1990.

Rik (Neelabho) riding his favourite "pink taxi" in front of K-Mart, Buena Park, California, July 1997.


Rik riding a pony in pre-school, Futureland, Buena Park, CA, 1997.
He thought he rode a donkey like "Gopinath Gyne".


Saki outside our Cincinnati home, May 1999.


Saki, Cincinnati, May 1999.


Rik and Saki . Cincinnati airport. 2000.


Rik's sixth birthday.Cincinnati, June 2000.