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Calcutta, May 1994. A week before Rik was born.


Saki. Calcutta, 1992.


In Chicago, right across Sears Tower, July 2000.

Rik: A portrait taken in school

Rik (Neelabho) posing with Charlie , his hero, in the backdrop. 103 Floor, Sears Tower, Chicago. July 2000.


Rik watching toy trains in front of the aquarium, American Independence Day,
Chicago, July 2000.


Cincinnati, at home, May 1999.


Same day.

At the Cincinnati airport. May 2000. Saki leaving for New York.

Rik on the keyboard. Cincinnati, June 2000.


Rik with Deepti. Rik's sixth birthday. May 2000.

Kidding Dad. Cincinnati, June 2000.

Rik, ready for First Grade, April, 2000. Cincinnati.

My fairwell lunch at Unigraphics Solution. Cypress, California.
L-R: Debraj Dhar, Lingyun Lu, Tom Zhang, Louis, Marcia Smith (MSC)
Bente Larsen, John Whetston, myself, Dave Williams, Samir Kar, Renzhi Quin.

Looking out of my bedroom wondow. Cincinnati, February, 2000.


Rik with my father-in-law. Calcutta, December 1998.

Rik with my parents. Calcutta, Jan 1999.

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