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Duplicate node check dialog

This utility is used to check dupilcate nodes between selected meshes. If no selection is made all duplicate nodes in the part are checked. Since Scenario meshers are all automatic, duplicate node checking is done on only nodes on the surface for given meshes, ie, edge nodes of 2D meshes, face nodes of 3D meshes etc.

Shell element normal check and reversal dialog.

Using this utility one could select meshes to display or reverse the shell normals. If no selection is made all 2D elements in the part will display/reverse their element normals.

Element free edge/face outline dialog

Using this utility one could display the free edges of 2D meshes and free faces of 3D meshes with or without a selection (all meshes are display their free edges/faces). During this display the 3D elements are shrunk by 30% and the 2D elements by 10%. On cancel, the default settings override.

Element shape check dialog

If no selection is made this function checks all element shapes for aspect ratio, warp, skew, taper and the Jacobian. The check algorithms are expected to be based on the chosen solver. The user has a choice to select the color of failing elements and also to blank the mesh.