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Bulletin Board

SPNET, a South Point Alumni net organisation moderated by Soumitro Ghosh has been set up. Visit their message board. To join them contact Soumitro Ghosh.

ASPEXS ( South Point Ex Students' Association) is organizing its annual reunion dinner and dance on Saturday 16.1.1999 at the premises of South Point School 16 Mandeville Gardens, Calcutta 19 . Interested ex students can contact the ASPEXS office at SPS (ph 4406208/4405213).

Check out these websites Baez/Home.html,+joan

A reunion was held at South Point High School on 18th January, 1998.Partho (dadu) and Moyna Sen from the 1981 batch attended the reunion. Any inputs ?

jara bangla poRte chaas, ei site gulo dekhte paris.

Bangla Gaaner Site.
Bangla Kobitar Site.

One of the most pleasant memories I have of my alma mater is of "Chatterjee Auntie" as we used to call her. Surprising, considering she never really taught us formally. But she was omnipresent in the small building in Mandeville Gardens where only class IV was taught ( in 1974) , seeming always to burst with life and energy, radiating authority and confidence She had a melodious voice, and I really looked forward to those sessions where she sang popular children?s songs to us and our whole class ( Class IV E ) joined in. She introduced us to the world of Sukumar Ray , often reciting poems from "Abol Tabol" to us.One of my pet grouses against South Point is that school meant all work and no play for us.But the one year I spent at Mandeville Gardens in Class IV was different, thanks mainly to Tripti Chatterjee.

 The following is a letter we received about our web site.We thought we should share it with all the members :-

Dear Ruchira and Nilanjan

It was great to visit where you have put up a somewhat informal web site for ex-students of South Point. In fact I went to the web pages of a number of members listed and was moved by their feeling and strong attachment to their alma mater. It was heartening to know that they are still so nostalgic.
We are trying our best to preserve the legacy and tradition of South Point to the best of our ability. In fact I am myself an ex-student of SPHS, sharing most of the feelings expressed in your site.
It was nice to know that you care so much for the School and let me tell you, the School also cares for you. In fact an alumni association has recently been formed and registered under WB Societies Act, to act as a catalyst in this endeavour. The office is at 16 Mandeville Gardens, Calcutta - 19.
We are also thinking of opening an Internet Training Program for the school students and install a web server in the School. I am sure a number of our ex-students will be in a position and also willing to offer their expertise in this line.

My best wishes

Krishna Damani
Secretary & Trustee
South Point School & South Point High School